Sample Essay

The life that is led by April is one that is hollow, silent and she feels helpless. April is a character who was at some point in time been an independent person, has developed into being ensnared in her uptown life and that too with children she never even wanted to have. What is more is that she has friends who she does not remember that she had ever liked in the first place. All of these factors are rather important, which make her life more miserable. The absence of love is yet another factor that has destroyed April. The feelings of emptiness that are felt by her take such control over her feelings that all of her decisions are affected by it.


     In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate thatRevolutionary Roadis a well-known novel written by Richard Yates which presents to us the emptiness that is felt by April Wheeler which leads her into making decisions on her own without looking at the other aspect of things.

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