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The book that has been taken under consideration has been written by Daniel Pink. A Whole New Mind is a book that presents to its readers an impudent set, and puts forward a thought-provoking and indispensable way of thinking that has been uncared for about a future that is already at hand. The book is rather ground-breaking and claims that the future belongs to a diverse grouping of human being with a contrasting kind of brain: artists, scientists, people who come up with stories and are creative, basically being “right-brain” thinkers, the abilities of whom score the mistake line amid those who get ahead and those who stay behind.

The author of the book has presented to the readers what we can take as the six primarily human capabilities that are very significant for the success of the person with regards to his or her line of work as well as individual fulfillment. The author of the book also goes on to telling us how to master these capabilities. This title induces a person to consider that the equipment that is requisite by us so as to take on our near future is lying within us as something that has remained untouched but eager to be put to use (A Whole New Mind, 1998). The book as said discloses the six essential propensities on which professional accomplishment and individual fulfillment now depend, and consists of a vast number of practical exercises collected from professionals around the world in order to assist readers in honing the essential abilities. This book has the tendency to alter the way we see the world and also how we go through it.

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