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During the rise of feminism, women embarked on advocating for equal rights, justice and fair representation with the mindset of an overall female representation. African American women have however found themselves sidelined by the so called mainstream feminism and emerged with their own feminist approach determined to offer them better resolutions to their gender and race issues. This opposition led to the emergence of the critical race feminism theory. Critical race feminism as pointed out by Wing (2003) is basically designed to address concerns for quite a significant group which is female and exist in various racial minorities. With the present legal frameworks, African American women are no longer an integral part and there are seemingly being rendered voiceless.

Bearing its roots from the critical race theory, it is crucial to understand the critical race feminism perspective while affirming female African American leadership. Formulated by early scholars, critical race theory is a movement whose perspective on race racism and power is far removed from the traditional civil rights perspectives. Questioning the very essence of the equality order which appertains to matters of race allows critical race theorists to understand these entities at an extended level and thereafter form unique transformations to the legal perspective of race. Their beliefs as ascertained by Delgado and Stefancic (2001, p.8) are engraved in this theory’s tenets including the ordinary approach to racism and also the social constructivism of race. Seeking to protect marginalized minority group’s rights, this movement has in turn led to the birth of critical race feminism. This has been mainly so as to further grasp the realm of race in the life of women of color.

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