Sample Essay

Sportspersons and people who have jobs that have need of doing recurring motion, such as landscaping, typing or machine operating, have an advanced risk of developing osteoarthritis as a result of injury and increased strain on particular joints. Osteoarthritis or OA also develops in later years in joints where bones have been splintered or surgery has taken place. It is significant for athletes to be trained to take safety measures to keep away from injury and for people in recurring jobs to adjust their movements to diminish this stress.

Also, it is becoming extremely clear that genetics plays a character in the development of osteoarthritis, for the most part in the hands. Hereditary aberrations of the bones that have an effect on the figure or constancy of the joints can lead to osteoarthritis. What more has been learnt is that fact that it is also more widespread in joints that do not fit together efficiently. For instance it can be said that a bowlegged person is more probable to suffer from osteoarthritis at some point in his life. Increased tolerance or being double jointed also increases the jeopardy of osteoarthritis. It is said that, in recent times, researchers have been paying much attention to a particular flaw in the gene accountable for the creation of cartilage as a risk factor. Having this particular inherited trait does not by any means mean that one will definitely have OA. what is meant here is that the doctor who you visit should be very careful and should check you every now and them particularly for signs and indicators of the disease (Causes, 2007).

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