Sample Essay

A Study of this nature requires a lot of considerations as a single methodology may not be enough to address the research problems. For this reason, I intend to combine different approaches in order to cover the research scope. In effect it will be conducted based on triangulation. This is because, triangulation enable researchers to look at the research question from more than one dimension as against looking at it from a single angle (Neumann, 2000).

The research will involve data collection in two phases: a literature and case review phase in which the literature will be examined as well as study of cases of firms that have a globalised supply chain, aiming to answer the research question posted above. The second phase is an in-depth analysis of a chosen firm either amongst the chosen cases or a suitable firm matching criteria that include being a firm with a globalised supply chain, as well as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

The reason for the chosen methodology is to have an in-depth analysis using both literature, case study of firms from the literature and possible interviews to help understand the risks associated with a globalised supply chain, the ways of mitigating against the risks as well as lessons that could be learned from the cases and the firm studied in view of the recent events (Japanese Tsunami in particular).

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