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The role that is played by the line managers in a true human resource management oriented organization pertains to the role of an agency with greater responsibilities and tasks that have a board scope. The line managers are to provide the senior management with support by facilitating management of their respective functions.

A research conducted on the European industry revealed that “responsibility for training and development by line management is increasing both in identifying training needs and in making or contributing to policy decision concerning HRD” (Mabey et al., 1998, p377).Some of the responsibilities that are taken by the line managers in a true HR based organization pertain to greater involvement in the operational HR activities. “The line managers are more heavily involved in recruitment, selection, training decision and in handling discipline issues ad grievances.”  (Armstrong, 2006, p96)

The only draw back of providing the line mangers with greater task and responsibilities is that sometimes they do not have the required skills and competency to carry out the new greater responsibilities. As a result the human resource management function in a HR oriented organization should seek to train and develop the line mangers in order to increase their skills, their persona as well as their competency to undertake their new role as line managers in the human resource management based organization.

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