The role of the management is to adopt appropriate human resources tools to motivate the employees. These human resource tools are designed to improve the motivation of the employees Wendell (2008). Motivation is a central role in the management process, apart from effective leading, directing, coordinating and planning of the employees they need to be motivated.

Motivation increases energy and vigor to do any work, productivity, motivated worker will not require supervision, are loyal and satisfied with the work. The first factors that produce motivation are recognition, where an employee is recognized by the management, this is when management praises the employee for any big and small achievement. The management should provide opportunities for achievement and accomplishments by giving chances to work on duties that improve on their achievements Wendell (2008). The other factor is the use of learning and growth in the provision of motivation. Learning and growth are realized when ever an employee has been able to successfully complete a task. The involvement of the employee in the work place is important in motivating hem to work. This is through the provision of chances for them to get involved in the daily decision making, policy making, planning, and contribution to projects.

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