Sample Essay

Suction Filtration is usually preferred because it allows washing of the product with a suitable solvent. Possible impurities are removed from the product with the help of vacuum filtration. (Helmenstine)


Saturated solution: A solution in which the amount of solvent has been dissolved is maximum and no more solute can be assimilated in the solution is called a saturated solution. Excessive amount of solute will get to the bottom of the container in the form of crystals. (Dictionary)

Saturation point: The point at which solvent will receive no more of another substance in solution under given conditions or the point at which no further assimilation of solute takes place in the solvent is the saturation point of the solution. (Dictionary)

Supersaturated solution: Supersaturated solutions are formed when given conditions for saturated solution are altered. For instance; if temperature is increased or volume is decreased by evaporation or by increase in pressure, the solvent gets to absorb more solute. Furthermore, such a solution holds a greater amount of solute than saturation concentration; slight disturbance can cause crystallization of excess solute. (Dictionary)

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