Sample Essay

Collyer, M., 2000. Communication – the route to successful change management: lessons from the Guinness Integrated Business Programme. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 5(5), pp. 222-227

According to Collyer (2000), more than 75% of change management and business transformation exercises are failures. While the change management propositions may be wrong framed, the author suggests that the main problems are lack of effective communication. This communication problem can be with employees and customers. When organisations are spread over many nations or cities and employees are from different cultures, communication strategy must consider all these limitations. The author says that problem of effective delivery of the change management principles and techniques is not done and often-distorted messages are received by the employees. This is an important area and the thesis would examine how communication through new media would help to remove communication blocks.


4. Proctor, T., 2003. Change management: the role of internal communication and employee development. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 8(4), pp. 268- 277

According to Proctor (2003), when changes are introduced in an organisation, some individuals and groups often resist these changes. In many cases, people who resist would the ones most affected by the change. In some cases, the resistance would be prolonged and go on for weeks and the organisation would miss market opportunities. Where possible, the management has browbeaten individuals to accept the changes and there is a lot of unrest and ill will. The research would examine if better internal communication through new media would help to reduce the resistance to change.

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