Sample Essay

Location carries strategic importance for any business as it is the place where actually business activity is carried out and has to be perfect to suit the nature of business activity (Reynolds, 2004, p.123). For a Cyber café, its location is important as it should be situated in a locality where the community people are well aware of the internet facility and are computer savvy. Internet in the today’s world has literally become the necessity for the individuals therefore it must be located in that particular locality where individuals are greatly using internet for various purposes. A prime location for a cyber café is to be located near a college or university because students at college and university greatly make use of Internet to do their coursework and other projects/assignments. Therefore when taking over a running business i.e. a running cyber café in Hamilton, New Zealand, the location of the café must be strategic and convinces the investors that the cyber café will be able to cater large pool of clients on that particular location.

When taking over a running business i.e. cyber café is a risky venture. There can be reasons behind a businessman selling its cyber café and importance must be given to know what could possibly be the reason of the businessman selling the cyber café. Hence the business taking over must ensure that the cyber café caters a large number of clients on daily basis in order to cover up its daily day operational expenses. It should also be assured that the running cyber café has the potential to attract larger number of clients so that the business can cater the clients on regular basis (Reynolds, J, p. 109).

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