Sample Essay

Feedback from the customers and their input regarding the changes would have provided the company with insight as to how the customers want the business processes for service availed to be changed to make them more customer friendly. The presentation also highlights that a more detailed analysis could have been taken to understand the scope of the project and the required changes that needed to be made at the initiation of the project itself.

“The project approach can be applied to one-time projects that are definable in regards to a specific goal, unique or unfamiliar to the current organization, and critical to the functioning and survival of the company” (Middleton, 1967). The establishment of clear objectives would also have helped the company in working towards a successful final delivery of the service to the customers. The risk management in the Rural Payments Agency case also lacked distinct appointment of roles and responsibilities for the managers and the business heads specially in the project management function. “Team interface management is particularly important during the concept phase of the project. Project structuring and support is most important in the development phase of the project, while hindering team performance in the concept phase” (Hoegl & Weinkauf, 2005). By ensuring that the project management team is assigned its specific roles and responsibilities, the success of the team and the undertaken project can be greatly enhanced.

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