Sample Essay

List in descending order of importance the seven basic scattering mechanisms that occur when a radar signal interacts with a complex targets.

The scattering mechanisms in descending order of importance are re-entrant structures, specular scattering, travelling waves, edge and vertex diffraction, creeping waves, interactions between simple shapes, and surface discontinuities (Hemsch).

 Assuming the sea surface acts as a radar mirror mathematically analyse the effect of operating radar near the sea in terms of a “propagation factor” accounting for the direct and reflected signals.

What effect does sea reflection has on the target range.

The maximum range at which radar can detect target is greater in presence of sea reflections than they are in free space (Skolnik 433).

 Test 2009

The horn antennas have absorber placed between them. Explain why this is necessary when measuring the radar cross section of an object.

The purpose of the absorber is to absorb all waves not received by the horn antenna. It is necessary to include this in the radar cross section measurement of a horn radar as it form a quite section around the mouth of the horn radar thus protection it from receiving energy scattered by the body of the test horn and mechanical support system (Leonidas 150).

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