Sample Essay

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder of the brain which causes impairments to the perception of reality as well as its depiction in the patient. It is a disease which can emotionally devastate the [patient as well as the relatives and the loved ones of the patient causes the patients to have hallucinations as well as delusions and even in some cases disorientated speech and cognitive patterns.

A Schizophrenic patient usually starts getting symptoms of the disease at an early stage in his life, usually in his/ her childhood; however the disease gets more pronounced as the person grows older. The main effect that schizophrenia has on the patient is that it causes patients difficulty to differentiate between their hallucinations and delusions and the existing reality. (Comer, 2006)

The causes of the schizophrenia are till yet unidentified and unknown. Scientists however have been able to establish the relationship of the disease to the genetics of the patients, the biological and the environmental factors that are at play on them as well as the psychological characteristics that the patients might have. It is possible for schizophrenia to travel in the same family and be transferable through the genes of the parents. As a result it is possible for twins to have schizophrenia with the risk rate of 40 to 50 percent.

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