Accor constantly reinvents its businesses to keep pace with the changing customer demands. It has a goal of providing innovative and high quality products. Throughout the years, Accor has realized the value of setting achievable goals and stabilizing one project before embarking on a new one. This has helps enhance reliability and reduced wastage of resources. The company is very diverse in its products. Different products are engineered to meet the demands of a targeted clientele. They also analyze the market before introducing new products by investing in skilled market analysts. The group transfers old ideas that have been tested and worked to the new hotels.

This helps breed uniformity making it more identifiable to its wide range customers. Introducing old ideas in new establishments also ensures the sustainability of the new pursuits. Nevertheless, the management is very dynamic and responsive to the client’s needs in different geographical regions. They study the needs of the target customers and re-engineer the products in an attempt to maximize on profits. In addition to this, they have established external advertisement links and have a good feedback network that enhances customer satisfaction. They have increased targeted on the budget and economy packages which are attractive and affordable to many clients. Advertising and investing more on the same has led to unprecedented company growth.

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