Sample Essay

Thus sex segregation has a major role to play in the Saudi culture. It goes unsaid that all forums of public interaction such as offices, colleges, schools, universities and libraries continue being segregated.

The Mutawa, the local religious police plays an active role in ensuring that most segregation laws are properly abided by both men and women. Due to such laws curbing women freedom of dress, entertainment etc, separate restaurants for women eventually followed in 2003, the idea being to allow women to have their space while remaining unexposed to men. However family restaurants are often sighted albeit with relevant facilities provided to keep women concealed. Even then one can’t deny that visiting family restaurants by women is still an alien concept in the Saudi culture. Even western companies operating there such as the likes of Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, Star bucks, KFC etcetera have to follow the laws of segregation enforced by the authorities. Women entering these places without their male beaus are not allowed to enter and sent back. (impish, 2002)

On the medical end, Saudi women cannot be treated and checked by male doctors if there is a female specialist available. The law does not vehemently deny women from being treated by men, however. The vice versa is not allowed. Women under no circumstances can treat men.

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