However, this does not necessarily mean that there are no selfless acts. Arguments against psychological egoism state that the good feelings come after the deed, and one does not necessarily do a good deed so they may feel good about themselves. For example, I see a young child about to get an accident, and I pull her out of the way. This may seem selfish; as I derived something from the experience.

Nonetheless, this act is not selfish in itself as the good feelings were a byproduct of the deed, and not the reason for it. This means that I did not stop and think about what I would gain from the experience. The feelings came much later after my deed, thus my actions were in fact unselfish, but with positive results for me. Using this explanation, Phoebe will manage to disapprove Joey’s belief. Is Joey selfish, is Phoebe, is everyone, am I? I believe we are all of us, selfish from time to time. However, we are also capable of doing truly altruistic deeds, which distinguishes our actions from those, which are truly selfish.

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