Sample Essay

He wants that the organizations should sell through distribution channels. Turn distribution chains into distribution communities as too many organizations forget that intermediaries are not their customers. Don’t let their distribution channels blind us to their final customer, the one who pays everyone’s salaries. Change distribution from a series of resellers into a community that works together to serve that final customer. Redesign your operations in tandem with those of your suppliers and customers. Stop seeing yourself as a self-contained unit that creates a product on its own, and get used to the idea of virtually integrating with others.

Link companies together through the Internet. Break down the walls that separate you from other companies, walls that create huge amounts of inefficiency and overhead. Push past your boundaries in the quest of efficiency. Hammer said to collaborate whenever and wherever one can. The rest of overhead wait, not deep in their company, but at its edges. Utilize the real power of the Internet to streamline the processes that connect you with customers and suppliers because creative association with outside partners is essential. Collaborate with everyone one can to drive out cost and overhead. Tear down functional and business unit walls. Look beyond immediate customers to the ultimate end user, and partner with distributors to be more effective. Lower barriers between your company, customers, and suppliers. Do less, and electronically connect yourself with outsourced partners.

In the two final chapters, Hammer gave the tools for implementing this agenda. These include watching out for new trends and making your organization more nimble in adapting to new conditions. He encouraged focusing your leadership on taking a series of coordinated steps forward in putting these many new processes in place. He predicts it will be “a trying experience.”

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