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It examines the current beliefs held related to semantic role representation. Dowty (1991) has addressed proto-roles and these have been included in this chapter along with the limitations of this work. Then Dowty’s work has been compared with that of Schlesinger (1995) and also including the possible benefits of the approach taken by Dowty.

The chapter also includes Van Valin’s (1990) way of addressing ‘generalized semantic roles’ that have been granulated into two macroroles namely; Actor and Undergoer and these are generalizations of the typical semantic roles like agent, patient, experiencer and location. Then the chapter also augments more structure to the lexical semantic representation via decomposition again. The authors support the notion that these are much more suitable portrayals for semantic roles because of two reasons; first being that decomposition differentiates between root and event structures of the verb meaning and second being that it provides evidence to why only some arguments can happen together.

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