Another important aspect of the human service professional is setting of professional boundaries. Professional boundaries helps in defining the limits and the level of responsibility of the people that one is expected to interact with in the workplace. Most importantly, boundaries enhance efficiency within an organization as aspects like redundant assignments become non-existent due to accountability in task performance[1].

In the long learn, professional boundaries create healthy working environment as everyone becomes aware of his/her responsibility[2].

The nature and scope of work of a human service professional underlines the importance of professionalism in practice of the same.  This is in view of the fact that from time to time, one would be required to have the capacity to control lives, and to solve nascent problems in the most effective way. As a human service worker, one needs to regularly adapt and readapt to different people in different societies. Like in business where the staff members need to exercise a high level of maturity to realize maximum productivity and profit, human service workers require professional maturity to realize optimal patient outcome[3].

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