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The idea of allowing a Muslim country, even one as sincerely secular as Turkey to enter the fold of the EU clearly goes against some buried Judeo-Christian feelings. The basis of this thinking is the same one that leads migrants to clump together with others of the religion, even though they may not belong to the same nation. Schlesinger and Foret write “[religion] can play a role in cultural defense by providing resources with which to protect national, ethnic, local or group cultures” (Schlesinger and Foret, 2006 p.62-3).
It is not correct to say that a sharing of Judeo-Christian values can create an automatic connection with a European identity, nor is it correct to claim that not having a Christian past bars a state from becoming a member of the European Union. The point is to acknowledge that a lack of religious feeling is extremely unlikely, even in so-called secular groups like the EU.
Romano Prodi suggested that “ the traditional logic of liberalism is…no longer enough to meet concerns and fears regarding ones own identity in the era of globalization” (Prodi, 2003). Europe has to come out from behind the veil of secularism and confront its own religious identity as well as the role of religion within its union.

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