Sample Essay

The presentation highlights the shortcomings of the risk management employed by the Rural Payments Agency in the case. The shortcomings that are listed pertain to the poor identification of the market by the company, the poor identification of the objectives and the failure of the company in predicting the possible changes that could occur and the development of the alternative routes that the company could take in these situations. The company did not project on how the customers would take to the changes and what their resultant behaviour would be like to the end product. This combines with their lack of alternatives for action in case of contingencies led to the unsuccessful result that followed the management of the project.

The presentation suggests improvements that can be made to the risk management function and activities pertaining to managing for contingencies that could have aided the Rural Payments Agency in better managing their project and making it a success rather than a failure due to unpredictable external elements. The suggestions provided pertain to understanding the program form the point of view of the customer. This would have enabled the company to determine how the customers perceive the product and service delivery at the company.

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