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A number of writers and scholars have ascertained that women should not even be allowed in playing a role in the politics of a country. As John Locke says, the weakness of a woman can lead man to disaster and for this, women must pay the price, but Locke has drawn a line between private and public sphere.  He has pronounced men as political animals who have the abilities to put up with the hardships of public interaction. He has portrayed women as caring and responsible beings, but apart from that he believes that women do not have what it takes to interact with general public and their issues and “the males authority over the female is restrained somewhat but the males role still remains the most important. The male is the public actor and women’s role is to support and sustain the male. She remains at home property less the mother of his children” (John Locke and Feminism, p.1).

This perception persists to date.Darwinin this case, has also portrayed women as frail people who look for protection. He believes that women also for care-takers for themselves and look for reputation and class whereas men look only for honesty and commitment. He believes that for a relationship, women prefer men with a good background, is stable and ambitious. She looks for someone who she thinks is well-off enough to take care of her and her children. Psychologists believe that even though women today are stronger and wiser than they used to be and their thinking has revolutionized this nature of theirs i.e. depending on men for the betterment of their life is still persistent. He believes that, “to reassure them that the man is genotypically, phenotypically, eternally, a king. Women’s innate preference for a well-to-do man continues to this day, the evolutionary psychologists insist, even among financially independent and professionally successful women who don’t need a man as a provider” (Angier, p.1).

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