Sample Essay

Sigmund Freud’s Theory on Dreams states that dreams are merely an opening for desires hidden deep within us and despite the fact that there are hundreds of theories related to dreams, the theory presented by Freud is the only one that has gained much popularity, fame and acceptance. He believed that the basis of our dreams are the activities that we carry out on regular basis, which when put together with our hidden wishes take up the form of a dream. He firmly believed that nothing can just be conjured up in a dream and all that takes place in a dream is the outcome of aptitudes and occurrences in life.

One very appealing feature of his theory related to the causes of dreams takes place from his theory of “id”, “ego” and “super ego” that are considered the three basic fundamentals of personality. “He said that Id follows the pleasure principle and does not understand any kind of norms and inhibitions. He said that a new born child is a “bundle of ids” since it wants what it desires and would fail to understand reasons. Id stands in opposition to “super ego” which develops in people from the age of five, which is a compilation of what parents teach. “Super-ego” is the conscience and is in opposition to the desires of the “Id”. Now ego stands between Id and Super-ego and it is “repressed Id”, it controls the uncontrollable “Id” and also tones down Super-ego’s tough inhibitions. It mediates between Id and Super-ego. Now Freud said that when the “ego” collapses which occurs when there is a extreme pressure from Id and super-ego and it fails to balance both, that is when mind comes up with a defense mechanism called dreams” (Ganguly, p.1).

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