Sample Essay

For many countries, the ecotourism is not simply a marginal activity to finance the protection of the environment, but is a greater industry of the domestic economy.  For example, inCosta Rica,Equator,Nepal,Kenya,MadagascarandAntarctica, the ecotourism represents a significant portion of the gross domestic product and economic activity.

The concept of the ecotourism is understood badly extensively and in practice often is utilized as an instrument of marketing to promote tourism, that is related to the nature.  This is an especially frequent negligence in theForesttourism kingdom.  The critics demand that these practices of green washing, they carried out in the name of the ecotourism, often they consist of placing a hotel in a splendid landscape, in detriment of the ecosystem.  According to them, the ecotourism owes people above all sensitized to the beauty and the fragility of the nature.  They condemn some operatives as green washing their operations: utilizing the labels of “green” and “ecologically pure”, upon behaving in environmentally irresponsible ways.

Although educator agree not about that he can be classified as an eco tourist and there is the statistical data very few, some estimation that more than five million eco tourists – the majority of the population of eco tourist – comes U.S., with other of Europe Western, Canada and Australia.

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