Sample Essay

EAI aims to provide an architectured environment to the organization that delivers high quality, system integration, time saving and reduction in costs. This aim is achieved by EAI by eradicating or reducing data redundancy within the operational systems, eradicating or reducing process redundancy within the operational systems, and by minimizing the complexity of extracting data from the operational environment into the data warehouse environment. The EAI is often known as a vehicle that provides a road map to development of an architectured environment. The EIA has three sub-architectures and they are as follows:

  • Business architecture: This includes corporate data model (business oriented and integrated view of the data that is important to the organization), function model (decomposes the core business functions performed within the organization), interaction model (a matrix that shows which data is updated, deleted or important), current systems model (inventory of current systems implemented within the organization).
  • Technical architecture: This depicts the existing and desired technical environment of the organization. It also includes an inventory of the systems of the existing technical environment as well.
  • Organization architecture: This reveals the processes from the function model that are performed by each unit within the organization. It also shows the organizational structure but at a higher level.

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