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In his well-known book namely, The Dome of the Rock. Oleg Grabar tells us that as sacred as it is to Muslims, the Dome of the Rock is as sacred to Jews as well as Christians alike and is perhaps one of the most fine accomplishments of holy architecture anywhere in the world. The author claims that the octagonal structure of the Dome of the Rock is festooned with engraved marble and vividly colored ceramic tile, and its golden dome is the best part of the city’s skyline. Extravagant color photography basically forms the magnificence of both exterior and interior–glass windows, verdant mosaics, porphyritic lines, and gracefully detailed carpets (Grabar, 1996).
Another well-known book related to the topic is known as Early Islamic Art and Architecture which states that the frontage is porcelain, light colored at the pinnacle and steadily darkening in the direction of the bottom where it rests on an octagon-shaped marble base. Originally, this was glass and not porcelain, but the glass is still there in the 16 stained glass windows that are there so as to let light enter. A reflection of all angles of the Mediterranean Sea can be seen in the dome’s gold-covered 25-meter cupola, which throws beams of golden light on those who look at it. The Dome of the Rock is said to be the basis of many major themes in Islamic art and culture (Bloom, 2002). Dome of the Rock is a work of art in itself of complex design.  Not only does its only one of its kind octagonal structure account for its architectural mean, but its decorative features add to the by and large experience when viewing the building.

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