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Although both six sigma and ISO 9000 are becoming intensely popular in manufacturing and service sector in terms of quality management and control but it has put entrepreneurs in deep confusion that which one should be implemented to give the best results overall.

Perhaps the main similarity between these two management practices is that they are adopted to enhance quality standards maintained in the organization but they do have certain differences as well which must be discussed.

Six sigma analyzes more on to process improvements either in manufacturing side or service to make sure that the process which are being followed are improved from time to time so that the desired results are achieved and the customers are offered the best service according to their expectations. When discussing about process improvements, six sigma also highlights the fact that standardization of processes is also implemented so that standards are set to follow the processes and certain activities. In a Six Sigma environment, customer demands will assume a key role in driving the processes towards aligning all activities with the vision of the leader of the company. The approach is “how to” rather than “what to” deliver.

ISO 9000 on the other hand concentrates mainly towards quality management and standardization of the activities in the production. ISO 9000 is different from six sigma in a way that six sigma focuses more on process improvement and enhancement but ISO 9000 is a standard that has 8 valid principles which include prioritizing customer data, purchasing and quality systems, among other critical aspects. These standards are then documented so that standards are set to be followed and implemented.

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