Sample Essay

Similarities and Dissimilarities between the two religions:

  • Both religions believe in the existence of one divine entity,
  • On the concept of good and evil Vis a Vis heaven and hell etc.  However they follow different books and scriptures.
  • Zoroasts don’t follow the routine burial or cremation ceremonies of the dead for fire and soil holds sacred and spiritual importance for them. They, on the other hand feed the bodies of the dead to vultures, exposing their bodies in process. One can’t deny the fact that Jews did go through a period wherein the dead used to be exposed so that the flesh could rot and decompose after which the bones were kept in the ossuaries. (
  •  Their history stays strikingly different to. Jews follow Judaism and it is their religion but Zoroastrianism traces back to the Old Iranian and is considered by many as their religion.
  •  The divine entities of Jews and Zoroasts are God and Ahura Mazda respectively.
  • While Judaism believes and perceives Satan as an ally cum assistant of God who has been appointed by him to judge people for their righteousness, Zoroastrianism is of the firm belief that Angra Mainyu is evil and was created to bring about evil. He should hence be destroyed.
  •  Judaism anticipates the arrival of Messiah where as Zoroastrianism looks forward to the home coming of Sayoshant who will lead the battle against evil in humanity’s last war.

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