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Economy of a nation plays a vital role in the success or the failure of a nation. Today, economy of every nation is struck with challenges and crises to deal with and the governments have a major responsibility to tackle with such challenges to ensure that their economies are stable enough to survive during crises and tackle with the problems which have become threat to their growth (Damien, 2009).

If a general comparison is made, it can be easily discovered that there are plenty of nations around the world that are suffering with economic crises such as African countries of Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Togo and many others and the main reason for the economic crises is mismanagement and corruption that has been ruining their system. In order for a country to have economic growth and development in its each and every sector, the government needs to be comprised of such intellectual and honest individuals that have the vision of running the state well enough to make sure the economic growth starts happening and more and more opportunities are created for its people (Tyler, 2008).

With better and more prosperous condition of the economy, a nation is more likely to stay free from troubles and will be able to eradicate poverty and other problems from the society keeping it perfect for the people to survive without facing any of the problems where as if the economy of a nation is not prospering and is going towards the slump then it is a serious alarming situation for the nation to inform that they are into serious crises and are struck with a lot of problems to deal with (Ryan, 2008).

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