Sample Essay

Situation Analysis comprises of two strategic analyses which include SWOT & PESTEL analysis. SWOT analysis is basically an analysis which is an internal (organizational) analysis to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization where as PESTEL analysis focuses more on external environment of an organization as such Political, Economic, Social and technological factors affecting the business activity (Kotler, 2008, p. 120).

In terms of SWOT analysis, Listerine has numerous strengths to its name but sure it does have various weaknesses too that has led to Listerine suffering currently in the market. Similarly opportunities and threats are also there which are to be faced by Listerine (Bratton, 2008, p.109).

Firstly, Listerine has numerous strengths that are associated to its name. The brand has been engaged in oral care products from a long time and has been the oldest producer of oral care products. This makes Listerine the most senior brand in the oral care products and due to this the image of the brand remains strong and concrete in the sight of the customers. With its past award and medical certification performance, Listerine remains the choice of many customers who are concerned about oral health care with large number of customers being loyal to the brand (Scott, 2010, p. 42).

The weaknesses of Listerine include lack of research on customer buying behavior and customer taste for oral and mouth wash products. There have been no marketing activities to promote the Listerine products which eventually became a weakness for Listerine and resulted in competitors taking much more advantage in form of getting more customers and gaining more market share (Farris, 2010, p. 202).

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