Sample Essay

Another famous winter sport is Skiing. It is defined as “recreation, sport, and mode of transportation that involves moving over snow by the use of a pair of long, flat runners, called skis, attached to shoes or boots”(ABC). Skiing is included as a sport in Winter Olympics and other winter sports events. Skiing resorts can be found in countries all around the world and countries like U.A.E have even artificially created a ski resort by the name of Ski Dubai. There are three major categories of skiing variations: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and telemark skiing.

Alpine skiing is the normal type of skiing in which skiers equipped with all the tools and skis with the help of gravity ski down a slope usually a hill or mountain. In Nordic skiing, a skier is not allowed to ski with heel of the boats attached to ski as in the case of alpine skiing. This type of skiing also involves racing. It has many styles like cross-country skiing, biathlon and ski jumping.

Telemark skiing, third variation of skiing, is similar to Nordic Skiing, but is used to ski down the hill. Sondre Norheim introduced the famous telemark turn or better known as telemark skiing.

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