Sample Essay

After the birds come out of the water, their necks are cut. Increasingly, this is done by machine, though it is sometimes done by a human cutter. The goal is to sever both carotid arteries, which causes relatively rapid death by exsanguinations. How frequently this goal is achieved is a disputed issue, though given the differences in size, shape, body composition, and feather coverage among chickens, it is certainly less than 100 percent. Birds that were not immobilized by the electrified water will remain mobile and are especially likely to be cut improperly or missed altogether. Next, the birds hang in the “bleed-out tunnel” where most die from blood loss.

If, however, both of a bird’s carotids were not cut, it may not exsanguinations rapidly enough and may recover mobility (and consciousness, assuming that consciousness was lost as a result of the electrical bath) while in the bleed-out tunnel. Some birds will have twisted away from both the electrical bath and the cutting machine and will remain fully conscious throughout the process.


As mentioned above, there are various ways used in slaughtering animals whose meat is consumed by millions of people on daily day basis. Governments of various nations have now come up with efficient acts and policies to ensure that animals that are slaughtered in slaughterhouses do not go through any painful and cruel procedures. In terms of religious rituals of Jews and Muslims, consideration is given that the animals are slaughtered as prescribed by religious teachings so that no controversies regarding animal slaughtering arises.

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