Sample Essay


This interesting novel that has a storyline that is very rarely heard of is set in the 19th century China, during a time when girls had their feet vaulted and only had the right to live their lives in isolation with no more than a solitary windowpane from which they could look out. Uneducated and secluded, it was believed that they could not think, be imaginative, or even have feelings. However in one far-flung district, women came up with their own secret language, nu shu, meaning “women’s writing”, which is said to be the single gender-based printed language to have been initiated in the world. They highlighted inscription on fans, embellished communication on handkerchiefs, and poised narratives, in this manner making their way out of their panes to allocate their expectations, imaginings, and happenings. Some girls were called “old-sames” for their emotional matches.

In the book, an elderly woman informs of her association with her “old-same,” their prearranged marriages, and the bliss and catastrophes of being mothers till the time that a dreadful misinterpretation printed on their clandestine fan intimidates to rip them away from each other. With loads of details and poignant quality Snow Flower and the Secret Fan looks into one of the most inexplicable and cherished associations ever, which is female friendship.

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