Sample Essay

The policies and decisions of a government have a direct bearing on any community’s economic status and influence within a society.  In a lot of cases, the said community can influence the policy-making process to its advantage by virtue of its population size, geographic representation, political awareness, historical background, and participation in the political process.

Thus, in turn, allows it to further consolidate its political status and the resultant economic benefits within the societal milieu.  However, at the same time, it is a balancing act at best since those charged with making these decisions and policies also have to keep in mind the sensitivities of other communities, as well as the economic and political cost of any decisions to them.

We must remember that any decision regarding child allowances has a direct bearing on the economic status of all ofIsrael’s population.  On the one hand, it increases or curtails the amount of child benefits available to certain communities, such as Sephardi/Asheknazi Jews, thus having a significant bearing on their economic well-being.  However, on the other hand, any such decision represents an increase or decrease in the indirect economic cost to be borne out byIsrael’s other communities, especially those with smaller number of children.  Alongside economics, any such decision also has a significant bearing onIsrael’s long-term demographic make-up, as well as its political orientation.

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