Sample Essay РSocial Science Study 

Q. 1. What is the difference between the social science study of moral behavior and ethics?

A.1. The study of moral behavior is based on reasoning and the feeling of goodness, behavior that projects goodness and is normally accepted. Ethics is the philosophy of moral behavior, it is based on principles set for guidance by moral reasoning, problems and matters are solved by moral reasoning and judgment.

Moral behavior is ruled by the nature of behavior and the situation in which it occurs and decisions are based on it. Ethics is guided by rules and principles, and behavior may be impulsive, good or bad depending on human nature, as rules or principles can be followed or rejected.

Moral behavior is guided by good actions as we are guided and motivated to do good and be good; from the onset of life, we are guided by moral knowledge called truth.

Ethics are the norms set by society, and people have to follow certain rules and principles, though sometimes wrongs are done in the name of principles.

When someone kills or hurts others, we call him an ethically low person. In anger or fear, we impulsively behave differently, but morality curbs our behavior. Applied moral education is the base of ethics.

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