Sample Essay

One major change experienced by all such societies during the colonial experience was how they were made to view the role and status of womenfolk from the western viewpoint.  This resulted in paradigm shifts in their respective social and cultural structures that were to affect – and in some cases continue to affect – the well-being and status of half of their population.

During these years, the economics of slave trade also played a pivotal role in how these societies were further transformed and how they discriminated between their members on the basis of their ethnic origin, religious affinities, gender, linguistic background and sexual orientations.  Women and minorities were the most affected segments of society, and experienced considerable changes in the status and liberties that they had hitherto enjoyed.

The effects of colonialism on the African continent were far more dramatic and long lasting than how it affectedAsia.  The complete social and political re-orientation is perhaps comparable only to that experienced by the Native Americans or Australian aborigine populations.  On the economic front, all means of production and natural resources were forcibly monopolized by the occupying powers.  These were ruthlessly exploited henceforth with complete disregard for their resultant affects on both the environment and the local populace.

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