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The second accusation that was presented was that, ‘those who study these things do not even believe in the gods’, and thus pronounced him as a heretic and nonbeliever.

This charge against him did not have any grounds, since her argues that ‘as the god may wish’, referring to the god at Delphi, where from his reluctance o naming the god Apollo shows that he was not being sarcastic as it often might have been inferred, but rather showing his reverence. (The Apology)

This then leads to the accusation that was made against him in the play written by Aristophanes, whom he regarded as a good friend. In this play, the basis of the satire was focused on the philosophers at that time, embodied in the spirit of Socrates who was considered the most famous philosopher by that time. Although, ‘The Clouds’ at that point was a fun satire, it was taken seriously by the jury as a testament to what Socrates stood for , such as overstating that he was the one responsible for the degradation of the morals and values of Athens and the youth of Athens at  that time.  This brings up the integral argument present in the play that the ideas and values that the Sophists and Presocriatics possessed were their own, and Socrates was not privy to their beliefs, as put forward in the Apology, ‘Comedy of Aristophanes…walking on air and a lot of other nonsense about things of which I know nothing at all.’ But at the same time, ‘I do not speak in contempt of such knowledge.’(The Apology)

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