Sample Essay

As far as the portrayal of Socrates is concerned with regards to the earlier accusers, as Socrates himself stated, they have been slandering and libeling against him for a long time. Their arguments, although extremely ridiculous to him, have now become a commonplace argument that has been associated with him, from whom it will be too difficult for him to extract.By stating that the charge against him of being a curious person, for ‘enquiring into things below the earth and sky’ is wrong essentially due to the very reason that he was sent on a divine mission, (he then recounts the tale of Delphi), and it was his duty to enquire into things. This earned him the title of a busybody, which he was wrongfully accused of. (The Apology)

Therefore, the charges brought against him from the first accusers stand unfounded and false. As far as the charges from the later and second accusers are concerned, they do tend to hold some weight. Since, Socrates is regarded as a master of rhetoric and speech, where his line of questioning and insight would most definitely be enough to confound the youth ofAthens. However, as per whether did so in a manner that was outright apparent becomes redundant, because it was his in his intention to bring to their attention the knowledge what he felt was necessary for them. (The Apology)

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