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One of the most important issues pertaining to performance appraisals is the degree of its objectivity. Employees certainly do not want to be unfairly evaluated because that effects the rewards or compensations tied to their performance. To ensure objectivity and fairness, Gail Dutton recommends software based performance appraisals. “software-based performance-appraisals tend to focus on results and actions rather than personality traits, employees are more likely to view them as fair”. (Dutton G.(2001). Making reviews more efficient and fair.Workforce,80, p.76). Other methods of ensuring impartial appraisals are using multiple evaluators for the appraisal process as this increases the probability of attaining more accurate information. This is because if more than one appraiser is used the chances of errors stemming from biasness, halo effect or central tendency can be reduced.

Halo effect, biasness, and central tendencies are inherent problems of the appraising process that are related to the appraiser. Halo effect occurs when “the influence of a rater’s general impression on ratings of specific ratee qualities” (cited in G. Dessler, 2006). Biasness comes from the impartiality of the appraiser where the appraiser might hold something against some employee. For example, a supervisor may have a personal dislike of an employee that may affect the appraisal process. Whereas, central tendency is defined as “ a tendency to rate all employees the same way, such as rating them all average”. (Dessler, 2006, p.328). Therefore, using more than one appraiser can truly raise the accuracy of an appraisal. In addition, appraisers should be asked to appraise only those areas in which they have expertise because they will be able to precisely evaluate the areas they specialize in. Another method to increase accuracy and objectivity of appraisal is to train evaluators. Provided that evaluators are better trained they will have a clear understanding or standards and will make better decisions. (Robbins S. P. , Judge T.A. ,2007, 625).

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