Sample Essay

When the NTFPs campaign was started, it was considered the optimal solution for the conservation of rainforests, however as time has progressed and experience earned, this belief has cooled down, though it is reinforced that NTFPs are an vital, ever-present, and culturally fundamental part of rural and urban lives in Africa, and must continue to be considered in forest management decisions.

The problems faced were political instability in the region, corruption issues and timely coordination.

                The conservation of Amazon and other rainforests is not only important in terms of protecting rare species, animals and trees but the survival of human kind may indirectly in long term will depend on them. In conclusion and review of whole paper, it must be said that restoration and conservation of Amazon is not impossible but difficult. The damage has greatly been done but if the conservation work is done with the collaboration of all the parties included, it may take time but surely can be completed.

An example of conservation process with the passion has resulted in the decline of deforestation rates in some areas of Amazon; this is news article proving that indeed there is a hope. “Deforestation rates fell by 89 percent in the Brazilian Amazon state of Mato Grosso for April 2007 compared with April 2006, according to the System Alert for Deforestation, an innovative deforestation monitoring program backed from Brazilian NGO Imazon. Mato Grosso, which has suffered some of the highest rates of deforestation of any state in the Brazilian Amazon, lost 2,268 square kilometers of forest between August 2006 and April 2007, a decline of 62 percent from the year earlier period when 5,968 square kilometers were cleared” (Monga bay)

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