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College campuses are areas full of crimes. Within a college or university campus, a person is as much under the danger of being a crime victim as he or she is in any other part or area of the country. Nearly all of the colleges recognize this problem, but their responses are perhaps just a cover-up for their reputation. The problem under consideration badly needs a solution, considering the fact that it affects the lives of many and the fears that it brings up in students can largely affect their studies. The best solution that one can come up with in this case is to increase the number of security officers within the campus.
This would help in the way that it would lessen the chances of a crime as the criminal would be surrounded by more and more authorities. It is believed that security officers ascertain peace and calm across the campus while providing security for the students. It is said that, “is the function of the patrol unit to provide twenty-four hour uniformed patrol coverage to all areas of the university. Officers provide preventive patrols on foot, bicycle, and motor vehicles; receive, process, and investigate complaints by citizens; respond to emergencies such as crimes, accidents, injuries, illness, and fires; protect persons and property through crime prevention; arrest offenders; appear in court; provide traffic control and enforcement; attend community meetings; perform miscellaneous services related to public health and safety; safeguard the custody and disposal of evidence and lost and found property” (Program Highlights, p.1). These responsibilities of the patrol division or the security officers show that if their numbers are increased on the campus there is a very high chance that the number of crimes being committed on campuses would increase to a certain extent.

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