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Moral deterrents are not the best of safeguards against unbridled corporate greed and, therefore, federal and state governments need to direct their respective departments of education to take necessary actions in this regard.Despite reforms undertaken since 1983 to ensure greater decentralization and broader local participation in educational decision-making, we need to realize that the vast majority of school boards being elected are still dangerously susceptible to the ever-growing influence of corporate publishing houses and their inexhaustible bag of tricks and treats.  Questions have also been raised in the past about the possible benefits that publishing houses are able to offer to the members of these boards in exchange for their support in certain matters of decision making.  This can only be prevented by both students and their parents taking an increased interest in the composition of their school boards and the selection of its members.

A lot of independent reports have continuously pointed out that the prices of college textbooks have increased at twice the rate of inflation during the last decade, and school teachers and college professors increasingly need to take this economic dimension of their decisions into account when selecting textbooks that the students will be eventually paying for.  Furthermore, by recommending textbooks that are equally effective as other textbooks available in the market but comparatively cheaper in price, publishing houses can be forced to review their existing pricing structure.

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