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I personally believe that the best solution for the conflict under consideration is a two-state solution. The two-state solution would create two different states located in the western part of the historic region under conflict namely Jerusalem. The two separate portions would belong each to the Arabs and the Jews. As this idea recommends, citizenship would be given to the Arab people by the new Palestinian state and the Palestinian refugees might be given citizenship as well. The Arab citizens of the current Israel might be given the choice of remaining with Israel or if they wish they would be given a chance to become citizens of the new Palestine.

This solution can be considered the best way out of this conflict because of the fact that it gives both the nations a chance to remain sovereign. Previous researches show that a vast number of people in both the lands prefer the two nation solution as it would give both the parties independence in the state and no one would be denied sovereignty in their respective part of the land. Another very intenerating aspect is the fact that the people of both the lands would be able to follow their own religions and carry out their religious duties as they wish without any of the leaders or people of both the parties interfering in this matter. Hence it can easily be said that the way to achieving a two state solution should now be thought of in order to bring peace between both the nations and in the Arab region as well which is now extremely necessary.

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