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Spurlock, (2005) says that big corporations of the likes of McDonald’s are adept at marketing and publicity. They only care about what’s good for customers when it is good for their business. The truth is that many companies tell white lies in business. Its acceptability within the organization itself depends upon the organization’s standards of ethical versus unethical. These ethical beliefs of organizations influence the individual beliefs of its employees. However, employees’ categorization of ethics can vary from organization’s categorization of ethical behavior (Sims, 2003, p. 99).

Therefore, marketing departments of organizations need to stimulate their ethical consideration and revalue them. Moreover, these revalued beliefs should be channeled into their communications, promotions and advertisements. When advertising an individual employee, a manager and a department must evaluate the credentials of their claims. They should ask themselves; how true is what we are communicating? Can we deliver what we have promised? Are there facts and information that we are divulging or hiding? These questions can help to solve ethical dilemmas in business and advertising. Unless an organization instills these beliefs within it, these beliefs will not show in its advertisements and promotions. Referring back to the case unless McDonald’s changes its definition of business ethics its advertising mix will not deliver ethical values nor adhere to them. I as a critic do not see any truthfulness in its advertisements because McDonald’s has not lived up to its claims. It has not made any meaningful changes to its model as the bulk of its sales still come from burgers, fries and colas ordered by customers. If its management had believed in changing they would have focused in increasing revenue from the new healthier product line extensions included on the menu.

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