Sample Essay


     Ever since September 2001, there has been a definite revolution from republic to realm that just might turn out to be irreparable in theUnited States of America. Contrasting past international powers, nevertheless,Americahas created a realm of bases more willingly than colonies, forming in the procedure a command that is preoccupied with preserving unconditional military ascendancy across the world, claims the author of the book. As is known there are currently 725 officialU.S.military bases external from the country and 969 surrounded by the 50 states as well as several secret bases.

As mentioned by the author, these bases are evidence that it is preferred by the USA to deal with further nations by means of peril of force more willingly than discussions, business, or cultural interface. This increase of American militarism, together with the equivalent layers of administration and confidentiality that are fashioned to avoid inspection, signals a budge in power from the general public to the Pentagon: “A revolution would be required to bring the Pentagon back under democratic control” (Johnson, 2004).

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