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1980s marked an era of new found understanding and co-operation between the Soviets and the Americans. Both countries were more than willing to advance the cause of peace and meet on diplomatic forums while realizing the need to cut down on arms race in the region. It was also a new start for the USSR.  The Russian Leader Mikhail Gorbachev put forth the policies of Glasnost and Perestroika on the table and ended up executing them. Perestroika gave people the liberty to set up and follow their own business which was apparently a striking contrast to what used to happen before.
In communist Soviet wealth was divided amongst everyone before this and all profits shared accordingly. The new policy met considerable resistance wherein some Soviets stood in favor of the policy while the others hated it.
Soon many European Eastern communist states saw them unidentifiable with the policies adopted and began faling apart. This was at its peak during May 1989 and March 1990 and the failure of Soviet leadership to curb and control anti-communist uprising resulted in its eventual demise. The debacle was a result of dramatic shift in Soviet focus from what was happening in other countries to what was happening in Russia itself. East Germany was no immune entity to the anti communist uprising either and May 1989 marked the first official visit of President Gorbachev to West Germany. He declared therein that Moscow held no intentions of forcibly withholding democratic conversion of its states and this was followed by the demise of the wall on November 1989. (Honroe)
A major democratic uprising creeped in Eastern Europe in 1989 which eventually culminated in the breakdown of the wall. The final thing was brought down on the eve of November 1989 amidst a jubilant crowd and media where the historic event was televised all over the world.

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