Sample Essay

In Speed & Politics, for example, Virilio introduces a credible ‘war model’ of the growth and development of the modern city.   He also insinuates on the development of human society. Hence, as per Virilio, the encapsulated city of the feudal period was a stationary and at a standstill.  The unassailable ‘war machine’ only added to an attempt to modularize the circulation and the momentum of the immigration of the urban masses.

Thus, the fortified city was a unique amalgamation of political space of habitable inertia, the political configuration, and the physical underpinning of the feudal era. Nonetheless, as far as Virilio was concerned, the basic question was the reason behind the disappearance of the fortified city. He tried to answer none stereotypically and pointed out that did so due to the influx of ever increasingly transportable and accelerated modern weapons systems. Such innovations proved rather drastic and transformed the siege into a war of movement. Moreover efforts undertaken by the authorities were undermined. They aimed at governing the flow govern the flow of the urban citizenry and therefore pioneered the arrival of what Virilio called as the ‘habitable circulation’ of the masses. Virilio differed from Marx in his belief that the, the transition from feudalism to capitalism was more than just an economic transformation but a “military, spatial, political, and technological metamorphosis. “

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