European nations are defensive by nature of their history and land. English particularly are very proud of their family and culture history. That’s why they assumed upon discovering Native Americans that they’ll make them adopt their ways and beliefs. Historically English and French have fought intensely to maintain their boundaries and independence. English families are influential in politics, power and estate. (Geinow-Hecht, 32) Monarchist form of government prevailed and the owner of largest land was considered the most influential. On the other hand the Native American lived in peace with nature, by an anarchist tribal form of united families where the rules and beliefs were obliged out of respect, not fear as was the case in European monarchy.

When the English demanded to trade land with the Native Americans, according to their mindset of gaining wealth and estate, the Americans couldn’t understand their thinking. Similarly the Europeans were unable to comprehend the Native American’s communal and spiritual feeling towards the land.

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