Sample Essay

It could be argued that the sports event is one of the fastest growth areas in the event industry.  Bowdin et al. (2011) admit that the sports event is one of the oldest events, which started from the ancient Greek Olympics. They also consider that sports events can be classified into four sporting calendar groups. The first group is the mega event; that is large events that can attract a large number of national spectators and international spectators. This group of events can also attract media coverage and it provides a significant economic benefit such as the Olympic Games. The second group is the calendar event, which can attract major spectator events, and this event is usually part of an annual domestic cycle. It provides a lot of economic benefit and attracts media interest such as the FA Cup Final; and the third group is the one-off event that can attract main audiences and competitor events but this event provides an unsure level of economic activity such as Grand Prix Athletics.  The last group is the showcase event that attracts main competitor events and does not provide much economic activity. This event is part of an annual cycle such as the national championships.

Weed and Bull (2004) also support that the oldest sports events were the Olympic Games which started in 776 BC and the Games were an important part of Greek life because they provided entertainment and enjoyment. At that time, there were thousands of audiences to attend and support their sports players from their cities. This is similar to nowadays when people attend sports events because they want to support their family or their favourite teams. Therefore, it could be stated that sports events have played an important role to attract a large number of spectators to attend the events from the last decade until now. In addition, sports events are important for the event industry because of their ability to bring tourists to the destination, to generate media coverage and to provide lots of economic benefit. (Bowdin et al., 2011; Liu and Gratton, 2010).

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