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One of the most popular games to bet on in the sports industry are the baseball, the basketball and the football games. Allan Moody, on his Sports Gambling Blog, talks about just how popular some games would be, ‘The Monday Night home underdog is one of the oldest and best-known betting systems around when it comes to the NFL.

Nearly everyone who has been betting for any period time has at least heard about the system, which at one time, was like money in the bank’.  (Allan Moody, “Sports Gambling Blog”)

In essence, the most common examples of wagers available to the sports bettors, are clearly the Proposition bets (made on extremely specific outcomes of an event), Parlays (multiple bets and large payouts), Progressive Parlays (multiple bets but with a lesser payout than normal parlays), Teasers, Run/Puck/Goal line bets, Future Wagers, Head-to-Head and Totalizators. (Richard O. Davies & Richard G. Abrams, Betting the line: sports wagering in American life, 2001)

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